NVAA-GlitterSign is an High Definition Digital Signage android application, runs on android 4.0 & above, also fully compatible with Xibo CMS. GlitterSign supports integrated signage of Video, Image, Text, WebPage, HTML, Local Video in a Single Layout. GlitterSign runs on platforms like Android TV Boxes, Tablets, Smart Phones. GlitterSign play back almost all video formats of video signage.

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  • Image, Video, Text,Web Page,Embedded HTML
  • Each Slides with different duration.
  • Multiple Slideshow in Single Display.
  • Featured with Effects of Fade In & Out.
Touch Signage
  • Featured with Touch Enablement.
  • Swipe Right to Left Forward Layout / Slideshow
  • Swipe Right to Left Backward Layout / Slideshow
  • Simple Touch Move forward slideshow
Video Signage
  • Video Formats like AVI, MP4, MPEG
  • Auto Video Resolution Scaling to Display
  • Multiple Video Signage on Same Display.
  • Video Effects of Fade In & Out.
Image Signage
  • Image formats like JPEG, Bitmap, PNG etc
  • Auto Image Resolution scaling to Display
  • Multiple Image Signage on same display
  • Transisition effects of fade in & out
Text Signage
  • Featured with Font Types & size, Formatting etc.
  • Control over Text scroll speed/Direction & autofit.
  • Supports Transparent Text Signage.
  • Paragraph Read facility with Touch Scroll.
Web Signage
  • Featured with JS displays Web Pages.
  • Play Youtube Signage & auto start the playback.
  • Enabled with Video Content Security
  • Touch features complete Web Page Browse
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