NVAA-SmartShop makes your shopping smart, product search & reach smartly. NVAA-SmartShop features Own Cloud based on LAN or Inernet. SmartShop manages your shopping expenses, details, intimates the items to be purchased and manages the inventory. SmartShop features with various database options of local, intranet mysql server, internet cloud database.

Availability: Instock

SmartShop Client
  • Runs on Android Tablet, Smart Phones above version 4.0
  • Available multiple layouts for various segments
  • Customizable screen user interface
SmartShop Server
  • MySql database server with REST protocol communication
  • Works Amazon Web Services DyanmoDB database
  • Works with OwnCloud intergration with MySql server
SmartShop Console
  • User preference statistics
  • Intimate user with latest updates / offers
  • User purchase statistics
SmartShop Printer
  • Bluetooth enabled printer
  • USB Printer connected with Server
  • Network Printer
  • Easier printer configuration & setup
S.No Part Number Cost in INR
1 NVAA-SmartShop Single Device 1000
2 NVAA-SmartShop Unlimited Contact Us
3 NVAA-SmartShop Evaluation Contact Us
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