GlitterSign – HD Signage

NVAA-GlitterSign is an High Definition Digital Signage android application, runs on android 4.0 & above, also fully compatible with Xibo CMS. GlitterSign supports integrated signage of Video, Image, Text, WebPage, HTML, Local Video in a Single Layout.

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Queue Management System

NVAA-SQMS is a smart queue management system application, runs on android 4.0 & above. NVAA-SQMS features Multiple Token Traffic, Multiple Counter Traffic and Multiple Display Traffic with IoT CoAP protocol, supports smart connectivity with Bluetooth, Network, USB printers.

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Smart Handy POS

Handy POS is smart android point of sale application, runs on android 4.0 & above, eases your shop billing, inventory, income, expenses, etc. Handy POS features Full Screen billing, Custom Screen billing with product selection, ease Product / Category addition / deletion.

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Smart Shop

NVAA-SmartShop makes your shopping smart, product search & reach smartly. NVAA-SmartShop features Own Cloud based on LAN or Inernet. SmartShop manages your shopping expenses, details, intimates the items to be purchased and manages the inventory.

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Money Manager

NVAA-MoneyMan is used to track your income / expenses from various sources. MoneyManager provides statistics of income / expenses of each account separately. This also provides complete summary of income / expense on monthly basis, eases the auditing.

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Wireless QR Code

NVAA-WifiQR establishes wireless connection smartly by scanning Quick Response Code. Wireless users in mall, offices & etc, able to connect with wireless network smartly by simple scan. Quick Response code can be generated with wireless SSID and passkey.

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