FRDM-KL25Z Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis KL25Z

Ultra Low Cost Development Platform for Kinetis KL25

  • Built on NXP Kinetis KL25Z ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor
  • Platform can use with active community developers
  • Supported by Zephyr OS for developing IoT Applications
  • Processor Expert Component enables rapid application development
  • MCUXpresso Complete Integrated Development Environment

Platform Features

First Hardware platform featured with open standard embedded serial and debug adapter termed as OpenSDA. The following are the features of FRDM-KL25Z,

  • Rapid prototyping kit for ARM Microcontroller based application
  • MKL25Z128VLK4 ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor runs upto 48 MHz
  • Includes Full Speed USB Controller used for USB device firmware
  • Expansion connector compatible Arduino Uno Revision 3
  • MMA8541 Accelerometer and RGB Tricolor LEDs
  • On Board Capacitive Touch Sensor and Slider
  • On Board OpenSDA debug interface for programming and debugging

Platform Specification

FRDM-KL25 platform is an affordable, rapid prototyping and development solution based on NXP Kinetis KL25 processor, includes OpenSDA onboard debugger.

Freedom KL25Z is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis KL25 MCUs built on ARM Cortex®-M0+ processor. Platform is a standard-based form factor with board expansion options and built-in debug interface.

MKL25Z128VLK4 is an ultra efficient Cortex-M0+ processor running upto 48MHz with industry leading throughput, with inbuilt 128KB Flash Memory and 16KByte SRAM. It also include Full Speed USB Controller.

FRDM-KL25 platform contains On Board Capacitive Touch Slider, MMA8541 Accelerometer and RGB Tri-Colour LEDs, expansion connector compatible with Arduino Uno V3 and Easy Access to MCU IO in a small form factor.

FRDM-KL25 is supported by mbed real time operating system and Zephyr OS for real time IoT application. NXP provides MXUXpresso IDE for Bare Metal and FreeRTOS based Firmware Development


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