Advanced C Languages Training Program provides in-depth development knowledge on C Language, includes the following,

  • Basics of C Language Programming
  • Structured Programming
  • Data Structures programming

Availability: Instock

Programming Environment
  • VIM Editor
  • GCC – Compiling & Linking options
  • GDB Debugging
C Language Fundamentals
  • Standard IO Read / Write
  • Data Types & Operators
  • Formatted Output / Input
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Storage Classes
  • For Loop
  • While, Do-While Loop
  • Nested Loop
Combinational Data
  • Array
  • Structure, Unions
  • Pointers, Strings
  • Function Definition
  • Function Arguments ( Pass by value, ref )
  • Function returns
Bit Manipulations
  • Bit Wise Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bit Fields
Linked Lists
  • Linked List Fundamentals
  • Double Linked Lists
  • Circular Linked Lists
Stack / Queue
  • Queue Fundamentals
  • FIFO, LIFO queues
  • Queue Implementaion
  • Tree Fundamentals
  • Binary Tree Fundamentals
  • Binary Tree Implementaion
  • Sorting Fundamentals
  • Bubble Sorting
  • Sorting Implementation
Integrated Project
  • Mini Project development based on Training
Session Topics Theory Lab
Environment – Getting Started 2h 2h
C Language Fundamentals 2h 2h
Loops 2h 2h
Combinational Data 2h 2h
Function 2h 2h
Bit Manipulations 2h 2h
Linked Lists 2h 2h
Stack / Queue 2h 2h
Trees 2h 2h
Sorting 2h 2h
Integrated Project 2h 4h

Total Hours



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