Embedded Linux Training Program provides real time knowledge on Embedded Linux Systems Programming, includes the following,

  • Embedded Linux System Fundamentals
  • Universal Boot Loader, Linux Kernel, Root File Systems
  • Buildroot, Yocto build systems

Availability: Instock

Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux System Commands
  • VIM Editor
Embedded Linux Fundamentals
  • Embedded Linux Architecture
  • Host Development Environment
  • U-Boot Loader Commands
  • Linux Kernel
  • Root File System Folder Structure
Embedded Hardware
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Device & peripherals
  • Device Access Application
Universal Bootloader
  • U-Boot Source glance
  • U-Boot Configuration & Building
  • U-Boot update procedures
Linux Kernel
  • Linux Kernel Source glance
  • Kernel Configuration & image building
  • Kernel Image update procedures
Root File Systems
  • Linux Folder Structure
  • Root File System setup with ext4, NFS
  • Root File System Building & update procedures
Device Driver Access
  • Video / Audio Driver access fundamentals
  • Networking Configuration & Access fundamentals
  • Camera / Mass Storage Driver access fundamentals
  • GStreamer Fundamentals
  • GStreamer Pipeline creation using command line
  • GStreamer pipeline creation using application
  • Buildroot fundamentals
  • Embedded Linux System Image creation
  • Buildroot configuration & source glance
  • Yocto fundamentals
  • Yocto based System Image Creation
  • Yocto recipe addition
Integrated Project
  • Mini Project development based on Training
Session Topics Theory Lab
Linux Fundamentals 2h 2h
Embedded Linux Fundamentals 2h 2h
Embedded Hardware 2h 2h
Universal Bootloader 2h 2h
Linux Kernel 2h 2h
Root File Systems 2h 2h
Device Driver Access 2h 2h
GStreamer 2h 2h
Buildroot 2h 2h
Yocto 2h 2h
Integrated Project 2h 4h

Total Hours



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