Linux PCI Device Driver Training Program provides real time knowledge on PCIe Device Programminge & Host access implementation, includes the following,

  • PCI / PCIe Fundamentals
  • Linux PCI Driver Framework
  • PCIe Data Acquisition Card Driver
  • PCIe Giga Bit Ethernet Card Driver

Availability: Instock

PCIe Fundamentals
  • PCI / PCIe Architecture Fundamentals
  • PCI Devices Introduction
  • PCI Device Access from Host
PCIe Architecture
  • PCIe Terminology, Topology
  • PCIe Address Space
  • PCIe device explore from Host
PCIe Components
  • Root Complex
  • End Point
  • Switch
  • Bridge
  • Linux PCIe Device Tree
PCIe Data Acquisition Card
  • PCIe DAC Hardware Fundamentals
  • PCIe Driver APIs
  • Card Detection & Configuration
PCIe GPIO Platform Driver
  • GPIO Platform Driver fundamentals
  • Platform Driver APIs
  • Simple GPIO Platform driver
PCIe SPI Platform Driver
  • SPI Platform Driver Fundamentals
  • SPI Platform Driver APIs
  • Simple SPI Platform Driver development
PCIe I2C Platform Driver
  • I2C Platform Driver Fundamentals
  • I2C Platform Driver APIs
  • Simple I2C Platform Driver development
PCIe UART Platform Driver
  • UART Platform Driver Fundamentals
  • UART Platform Driver APIs
  • Simple UART Platform Driver development
PCIe Interrupt
  • PCIe Message Signal Interrupt
  • Linux APIs for PCIe MSI
  • Linux driver MSI Implementation
Integrated Project
  • Mini Project development based on Training
Session Topics Theory Lab
PCIe Fundamentals 2h 2h
PCIe Architecture 2h 2h
PCIe Components 2h 2h
PCIe Data Acquisition Card 2h 2h
PCIe GPIO Platform Driver 2h 2h
PCIe SPI Platform Driver 2h 2h
PCIe I2C Platform Driver 2h 2h
PCIe UART Platform Driver 2h 2h
PCIe Interrupt 2h 2h
Integrated Project 2h 4h

Total Hours



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