Linux Systems & Network Training Program provides real time design & development knowledge on Linux Systems Programming, includes the following,

  • Linux Systems Programming
  • Multi Threaded, Multi Process application development
  • Network Socket programming

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Linux Programming Fundamentals
  • VIM Editor
  • GCC – Compiling & Linking options
  • GDB Debugging
Linux Programming
  • Program Arguments Parsing
  • Command Line Processing
  • Standard I/O Functional
  • System Error Codes
  • Writing Libraries ( Static / Shared )
Linux Process
  • Process Creation / Scheduling / Termination
  • Process System Calls
  • Process Signal handling / generation
Thread Synchronization
  • Deadlock
  • Mutex, Semaphores
  • Condition Variables
Inter Process Communication
  • Shared Memory, Mapped Memory
  • Semaphores
  • Pipes, Sockets
Linux System Calls
  • File Operations – Access, Lock, Resource Limits, Readlink
  • Process Statistics, System wall clock time, Fast data transfer
  • High Precision Timers, Memory
Network Sockets
  • ISO/OSI Layer Fundamentals
  • Linux Socket System Call, Attributes
  • Ethernet Socket – Data Send / Receive
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  • TCP Fundamentals
  • TCP Server & Client implementation with single server
  • Multiple TCP Client connection
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  • UDP Fundamentals
  • UDP Server & Client implementation
  • Multiple UDP Client connection with Single server
Linux Server
  • Server Forking
  • Multi threaded server
  • SIP Protocol Implementation
Integrated Project
  • SIP Protocol Implementation
  • Mini Project development based on Training
Session Topics Theory Lab
Environment – Getting Started 2h 2h
Linux Programming 2h 2h
Linux Process 2h 2h
POSIX Threads 2h 2h
Thread Deadlock / Syncronization 2h 2h
Linux Inter Process Communication 2h 2h
Linux System Calls 2h 2h
Linux Network Programming 2h 2h
TCP / UDP 2h 2h
Linux Server 2h 2h
Integrated Project 2h 4h

Total Hours



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