Aqua Culture Water Quality Monitoring System

Monitor Aqua Water Quality from remote in real time !

  • Solution includes LoRa Aqua Monitor, LoRA Gateway, LoRa Server
  • Centralized single LoRa Server serves multiple LoRa Gateway & Monitors
  • Monitor Water Quality Parameters like pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temp
  • Complete IoT Solution with Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRAWAN)
  • Flexible frequency selection option for LoRa based on device zone

Platform Features

Complex IoT solution with Single LoRa Server, multiple LoRa Gateways and Multiple Aqua Monitor LoRa Nodes. This solution is most efficient and easily scalable.

  • Monitors essential Aqua Culture Water Quality Parameters in real time
  • Aqua monitoring sensors are pre and fully calibrated in factory
  • LoRa Gateway Featured with Multi-Wireless interface like LoRa and WiFi
  • LoRa Server, an efficient platform can be hosted on Linux Server
  • Aqua Monitor Nodes complies with Long Range Wide Area Network Spec
  • Flexibility to avail on-site assistance for system deployment

Platform Expertise

Full Fledged Aqua Monitoring IoT Solution includes Aqua Monitor LoRa Node, LoRa Gateway and LoRa Server. This solutions is based on LoRa Wide Area Network.

Aqua Monitor Device supports various water quality monitoring sensors like pH, ORP, Electrical Conductivity, Temperature Sensors. Also monitor device featured with LoRa Wide Area Network connection with LoRa Gateway.

Aqua Water Quality Monitoring System is a very complex IoT solution, integrated with highly efficient Single LoRa Server connected with Multiple Gateways using internet, which connects with Aqua Monitor using LoRa.

LoRa Server is fully capable and compatible to receive multiple LoRa Nodes data through multiple LoRa Gateway, it has capabily to receive and send data to respective LoRaWAN Aqua Monitor Nodes with LoRa Gateway.