Getting Started with Yocto Build System

Dive into Yocto Embedded Linux with Beagle Bone Black

Yocto Fundamentals, Embedded Linux Image for full featured Media Box, Custom Linux Yocto Board Support Package

Course focus on yocto fundamentals and architecture, poky reference system, bitbake, meta open embedded core, yocto board support package. Then it helps to step by step procedure to setup yocto build system for beagleboneblack.

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Course Curriculum

This course starts from a helloworld, custom full feature media box image generation recipes and recipe to add IoT gateway middleware framework and apps.

  • Yocto Fundamentals and Architecture, Layers, Recipes, Open Embedded.
  • Yocto image building, flashing procedure on Beagle Bone Black (BBB)
  • Yocto Open Embedded Core Layers, Meta Data, Configuration, Classes
  • Yocto bitbake command line tools, bitbake tasks and layers.
  • Simple step by step implementation of adding a new layer into yocto.
  • Step by step implementation of helloworld recipe for helloworld app.
  • Development of bitbake files to custom mediabox embedded linux image
  • Custom mediabox embedded linux image flashing and validation
  • Step by step implementation of Board Supported Package Recipes

Our Expertise

Customized training programs on Embedded Firmware, Real Time Operating Systems, Embedded Linux Systems and Device Driver Development.

Bare metal embedded firmware development using NXP Kinetis KL25, STM32, Renesas, Cypress ARM Microcontrollers. We provide training on real time operating systems like FreeRTOS, ThreadX, mBed, Zepyhr and etc.

Embedded Linux System Training includes Universal Bootloader (U-Boot), Linux Kernel Configuration and Customization, Root File System Development. Also expertise in Yocto, Buildroot, Open Embedded build systems.

Our Training expertise includes Linux GPIO, I2C, SPI, Input, IIO, PCIe, USB Device Driver Framework. Also expertise in linux printing driver development based on Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) framework

Training expertise includes python system, user interface, open computer vision, machine learning application development. Also expertise python automation development like unit, system, user interface testing.

Training expertise includes IoT device firmware development using Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, LoRa technologies and Low Power WiFi, IoT Gateway using Kaa, Macchinna, IoT Cloud development using AWS, Azure


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