Peripheral Shield with Rich Set of Devices

Peripheral Shield compatible with Arduino Uno V3 CONN!

  • 1.4 Inch ST7735 Liquid Crystal Display Interface
  • Potentiometer to evaluate Analog to Digital Convertor
  • Si7006 Temperature and Humidity Sensor for home monitoring
  • MCP4759 Digital to Analog Convertor terminated on header
  • Tri-Color RGB LED, 4x4 Keypad controller interface

Platform Features

Complete Peripheral add on for various development platform like NXP Freedom Development Kit, STM32 Nuecleo Development Kits, UDOO NEO Platform.

  • Arduino Uno v3 compatible, Tri-Color LED interfaced with GPIO
  • Silicon Labs Si7006 High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • MMA8652FC 12-bit Low Noise accelerometer in a small package
  • 1.44 Inch LCD Color Screen Module with pixel resolution of 128x128
  • BH1745 detects Red, Green and Blue light intensity
  • Analog to Digital convertor to measure the Potentiometer Reading
  • TCA8418 Keypad Scan Controller for 4x4 keypad with ESD protection

Platform Specification

Peripheral shield contains rich set of peripherals includes LCD Display, RGB LED, Light, Accelerometer, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Potentiometer and DAC.

Featured with RGB Tri-Color LED interfaced with GPIO Interface. Also includes 1.44 Inch LCD Color Screen Module with Serial Peripheral Interface, has pixel resolution of 128x128, with inbuilt driver ST7735.

BH1745 is digital color sensor IC, detects RGB light and converts into 16 Bit value. Si7006 offers an accurate, factory-calibrated digital solution idealfor measuring humidity, dew-point, and temperature.

MMA8652 Accelerometer is a 12-Bit 3 Axis accelerometer, provides an industry leading performance in a small package. TCA8418 is keypad scan device and provides an easier interface of 4x4 membrance keypad.

Nowadays most of Microcontrollers has in-built analog to digital convertor, which is used to measure the potentiometer. Also it featured with MCP4725 Digital to Analog Convertor output terminated on header.


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