Smart Queue Management System for complete industries

All-in-one one stop solution for Queue Management!

  • Smart Single solution with Token Server, Counter Software and Display !
  • Customized for Banking, Hospital, Customer Care, Food Courts, Hotels
  • Featured Queue Token notification over display, SMS, Calls and etc
  • Build QMS Interface for your hotels, restaurant, cafe, shops
  • Queue Management with automatated prefered options, promotions

Platform Features

Smart QMS Solutions is an complete integrated end-to-end solution with QMS Server, QMS Terminal Kiosk, QMS Counter and QMS Notification System.

  • Queue Management System buils with flexible to use for any industries
  • QMS Server can hosted on Linux Machine with Web Server, PHP, MySQL
  • Flexible to extend QMS Server to support huge queues in pipeline
  • Android tablet is a simplest form of QMS Terminal Kiosk
  • QMS Terminal Kiosk can be customized terminal based on requirements
  • QMS Terminal uses wide range of printes like USB, Bluetooth & Network
  • Wide range of QMS Notification options like SMS, Email & Signage Display
  • Point of Sale integrated solution for Food Court, Restaurants and Cafes
  • Smart system keeps updated on the expected time for your request

Platform Specification

Customized Queue Management System provides a fexible way for token notifcation using SMS, Printed Token Slip, EMail and Calls.

Easily customizable and configurable smart queue management solution for all the industries like Banking, Hospitals, Clinics, Customer Care Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Shopping Malls, Smart Parking.

QMS Server featured to work over internet and local area network depends upon configuration. Internet hosted server has a flexble option to get an appointment from remote. Easily hosted on Server with PHP, MySQL.

Flexible configuration of QMS Kiosk Terminal starts from a android table upto a customized kiosk terminal with integrated printer. Wide range of custom designed Kiosk terminal options available.

QMS Counter is the one which will be on Counter, which fetch the next in queue. Wide range of custom designed counter starts with simple smart device upto full featured windows desktop application.

Queue Management System smartly notifies the customer that person available to server their request. Wide range of notification options starts with simple SMS, Email, Call and Smart Signage Display.